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It’s raining money at thinkingtrades. The portfolios are up more than 60k across the 3 services since 01/2013. It’s a return of more than 45% in 3 months. We have a track record that goes back to years. Those who have been here month after month and year after year have been rewarded handsomely. You do the math on how much a subscriber to all the 3 services has made? Check the track record here.

I post everything in black and white. How many post their performance? Not many. The reason is simple!! It’s difficult to make money leave alone making it consistently. .

Any first time subscriber who joins by the 31st March will get the first month at 50% off. Sign up is here.

I do not offer trials because I am posting everything in black and white. If you still can’t make up your mind then that’s your problem. I can’t make the decision making any easier than this. Trading is fraught with unknown risks. If you can’t take this much calculated risk then trading is just not right for you.

The premium service is for those who are struggling to make sense of this market or who have tried other services but in vain. Here you get what you see. Trading is tough but we make it as easy as it can be. There is no BS here. There is no levels to watch and no expensive software that needs to be bought. You just need the ability to pull the trigger when the alert comes.

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Performance Update

We have made $94k+ in the $100k Stock Portfolio since 10/2011. That is 94% return trading stocks in 15 months. We have had only 2 losing months. The portfolio gained 14k in the best month and lost 1.4k in the worst month. Detailed trades in the $100k Stock Portfolio can be seen here.

We have made $6k in the $10k Level 2 Options Portfolio since 10/2012. The portfolio has gained 60% in less than 3 months. Detailed trades in the 10k Level 2 Options Portfolio can be seen here.

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Performance update

We have made $4.5k in the $10k Level 2 Options Portfolio since 10/2012. That is 45% return in little over a month when we were at no point invested even 50% of the portfolio. Detailed trades in the 10k Level 2 Options Portfolio can be seen here.

We have made $81k in the $100k Stock Portfolio since 10/2011. That is 81% return trading stocks in 1 year. We have a 70% win rate so far. We have added about $20k in profits in the past 2 months when the market has been in a correction. We not only side stepped the correction but were able to make money. Detailed trades in the $100k Stock Portfolio can be seen here.

Every trade alert is sent out by email and as such is time stamped. These are not some alerts that are sent out in the twitter wonderland that can’t be tracked easily. Every subscriber has a copy of the alert and can track the trades on their own too. You don’t need to be a subscriber to see the trades. Once a trade is closed, it’s out here in black and white. Every trade is in the context of a portfolio size. The idea of the service is not to come up with 10′s of actionable ideas but to be able to trade a few ideas with the limited capital at disposal. There is no dearth of ideas on any given day but the capital to trade them with is limited for the majority.

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Performance update

Detailed trades in the 10k Level 2 Options Portfolio can be seen here.

Detailed trades in the 100k Stock Portfolio can be seen here.

The level 2 options portfolio is off to a great start. It could have been all the more better if I was not bent on letting the AAPL put spreads expire worthless today.

The level 2 options is ideal for those who do not want to jump in and jump out from positions quickly. This kind of trading is ideal for this convoluted market which can’t make up its mind one way or the other. The goal is to make money with as little volatility as possible.

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Level 2 options service

We have started a Level 2 options service. This service is different from the existing Level 1 options service. Unlike the Level 1 service, we won’t be buying straight calls or puts. We will use a combination of options strategies such as vertical spreads, calendar spreads, iron condors etc. The idea is to use a strategy that works best in a given market environment, be it a trending or a range bound market. The features of the service are -

  • Real time email alerts with position sizing
  • Position sizing based on 10k portfolio
  • Scalable to any portfolio size
  • Market analysis from time to time
  • We have done very well playing the market directionally in other portfolios. We have an outstanding and long enough performance record to back this up. We do have this tricky bull by the horns.

    One can see the latest returns here. One can sign up here.

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    As bad as it gets

    This is from Charles Nenner’s website – “Charles has been the talk of Wall Street since accurately predicting some of the biggest moves in the Markets over the past few years. His newsletter focuses on various financial Markets – Equities, Bonds, Commodities – Oil and Gold – and Currencies – Euro, Yen, Aussie Dollar, as well as Economic Indicators – VIX, Payrolls, etc. Charles Nenner’s system uses a unique algorithm that factors in multiple cycle movements. With international and institutional clients managing hundreds of billions of dollars, Charles’ advice is highly sought after. He also provides media appearances and private speaking engagements around the globe.”

    This interview took place on 3 Feb ’09. At one point (around 3.35) he says that he is almost never wrong and if he is wrong it may be by a day. Mark Haines rightly asked him if that’s the case then how come he doesn’t own the world? Only Mark Haines could have asked that. What was he predicting at this time? He predicted that S&P will go from 800 to 1000 by the middle of March and then top out. What actually happened? Market went from 800 to 666 and bottomed on 9th March at 666. It was the bottom and not some temporary bottom. So much for being never wrong.

    This interview took place on 08/25/2010. Here he is predicting that DOW will drop to 5000 from 10000. What happened? DOW rallied from 10000 to 13000.

    This interview took place on 06/25/2012. Here he is saying to short stocks. What happened? The price low of that day at 1309 has yet to be breached.

    These are the so called experts that get paraded from one network to another. Next time you hear one of these experts, remember this post.

    All said and done, I have to give it to him that he took a stand every single time.

    We have done much much better than these experts who have changed their tune with every little kink in the market. We saw this bull market coming long time back when the majority was dreading a depression as can be seen here.

    We are confident that 2007 highs will be overtaken sooner or later. Let it put this way, the next bear market is not arriving before new all time highs are made. We won’t miss the bear when it arrives. We will declare it without any ifs and buts when we see one. Until then any one with a longer term horizon can rest easy though as usual it will not be a straight line affair. As for traders, there is no easy route, this bull is not going to be easy to ride. I am sure there are many traders who wish they had just bought and held to be in a better position then they are right now. The hedge funds are underperforming for a reason. Many are finding that this market zigs when they zag and vice versa. This has been an extremely tough bull to ride. Trading has not be an easy or pleasant experience. This is one of the most hated bull markets for a reason.

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    Performance update

    We are closing in on a year since we started the stock portfolio. We have made $70k in the $100k stock portfolio since 10/2011. Detailed trades can be seen here.

    We have made $66k in the $25k futures portfolio since 07/2010 . Detailed trades can be seen here.

    It has been a tricky bull to ride. According to a Goldman Sachs report – “the average hedge fund has returned only 4.6 percent this year so far, underperforming the benchmark S&P 500 index by more than 7 percent. What’s worse from the industry’s perspective – only 11 percent of managers were able to outperform the S&P 500.”

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    Stock swing trading premium service

    We have started another premium service for trading stocks. The features of the service are -

    • Real time email alerts
    • Position sizing based on $100k portfolio
    • Market analysis from time to time

    One can scale the position size to one’s actual portfolio value.

    p.s. – update 10/21 – first week closed trades in the swing portfolio can be seen here.

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    Performance update

    We have delivered exceptional results in our options and futures portfolios. Options and futures are difficult to trade even in a normal market. This has been anything but a normal market.

    2010 – 30k Options portfolio - Gain 187% – $ Gain 56221 – Details here.

    01/11 – current – 30k Options portfolio – Gain 118% – $ Gain 35459 – Details here.

    07/10- current – 25k Futures portfolio – Gain 162% – $ Gain 40645 – Details here.

    We have made more than 90k on the 30k options portfolio since inception in 12/09. That’s more than 300% return during a period when s&p rose by 3%. There were many who would say that we didn’t have a long enough track record when we started back in 12/09. We told them to wait until we have long enough track record. If this still is not a costly enough wait then keep waiting. We have 22 months of track record now. It’s an eternity when one is engaged in short term trading. We are pleased that many realized the value of the service and stuck to the plan through thick and thin and benefitted handsomely.

    We have made $40k on the futures portfolio since 07/2010. We have started trading NQ and TF also now and will start trading other instruments too with time. This has given us the flexibility that was missing before when we were just trading ES.

    If S&P is the frame of reference then S&P opened at 1099 on 12/1/09, the day we started trading in options portfolio, and closed at 1131 on 09/30/2011. A rise of mere 32 points for a gain of 3%. So much for buy and hold.

    p.s. – These services are not for those who want to extract money from the market every day or month. We are not running an ATM here. There will be ups and downs. It’s part and parcel of trading. We have given unrealistic results but we are only interested in attracting people with realistic expectations, people who do not get carried away when things are going great or get rattled when things get rough. What you need to focus on is how we come out of bad stretches? Market will fool us from time to time but we will always have the last laugh, guaranteed.

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    Finally the day is here

    I made a blog post on Sep 22′ 09 titled “Nasdaq looks set to overtake 2007 highs“. Finally Nasdaq has overtaken the 2007 highs today. It’s headed much higher from here because S&P and Dow still have ways to go before they overtake 2007 highs. This bull is not stopping before these remaining objectives are achieved.

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